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Launch Your
Childcare Coaching

a 5-day
Virtual workshop

Create your path to success, today.

Sharpen your skills, discover new resources, and receive the coaching you need to take your Childcare Coaching Business to the next level!

Online Class

tired of feeling unhappy as a Childcare owner?

ready to turn your business into your dream job ?

As a Childcare Owner/Director, it can feel almost impossible to find the right tools and support you need to get to where you really want to be.


I hear so many entrepreneurs say they…

  • Frequently find themselves trying to copy what they "believe" other "successful" competitors are doing and have a hard time receiving the answers they need to common problems

  • Have no idea how to take their business to the level they really want to be

  • Can maintain their current clients all day, but have no idea how to reach the clients they really want to do business with

  • Feel like there are so many better, more successful businesses out there to compete with

  • Struggle with having a business culture they truly enjoy

  • Would like to free their time

  • Expand their Empire

  • Maximum their profit and cash flow

So many business owners fall into an endless cycle of taking any and all work they can get, versus attracting the clients they really want. Unfortunately, this causes them to burn out and lose their passion, affecting their work environment and business, altogether.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

But what if I told you that you CAN ATTRACT YOUR DREAM CLIENT, completely eliminate your competition, and TURN YOUR BUSINESS INTO YOUR DREAM JOB?

(and it's not about being the best, having the most experience,
or simply copying the competition.)


Childcare Coaching 

a 5-Day virtual 

A Misson to Shift 1,000
Childcare Owners/Directors
into Coaches in 2022. 

It’s all about Drive, Passion, and Focus.

It doesn't matter what stage you are currently in, all that matters is that you feel your calling and you have the courage to step into your greatness and turn your passion into profit.


  • Booking clients and hiring employees you could only dream of working with

  • Completely eliminating your competition

  • Building an audience that’s in love with your brand and what you have to offer

  • Making 2022 your most profitable year yet!

  • My Childcare Coaching Program, will set you apart from every other entrepreneur in your industry and give you a huge head start.

  • Identify your WHY

  • Change Your Environment

  • Be Yourself

  • Etsbalish Childcare Business Relationships

  • Expand your Wealth

  • Create Systems

  • And So Much More..........

Business Colleagues
how would your future be if you:
  • Worked with the people you always wanted to work with

  • Know exactly what sets you apart from other business owners in your industry

  • Have a work culture that attracts growth in all areas

  • Make money (a lot) of money, by working smarter and not harder

  • Become a leader that others want to be like

  • Help other Childcare Owners become Successful

  • Transform Childcare Centers in your Community

  • Build Meaningful Relationships with other Childcare Owners

  • Fix Pain Points of Childcare Owners/Directors

  • Provide Real Advice and Real Strategies to Business Owners 

  • 10 X your INVESTMENT

Can you really afford to

miss out on all of the

above invaluable 


Transform Your Life and the Lives of Others by Starting a childcare Coaching Business!

This 5-day commitment was created for childcare owner/directors who are motivated and serious about making effective and lasting changes to their lives.

During the 5 DAY workshop, members meet one hour a day, for a full week. VIP members will meet for 2 hours for a full week, as we discuss the Blueprint to building a Six-Figure Coaching Program. 


Personal growth has no finish line. This is the beginning of an exciting journey of positive change and improvement in our own lives and those we interact with!

This workshop is perfect for you if:
📌 You want to make 6 figures as a full time Coach
📌 You are exhausted from working in your school 
📌 You have a coaching/consulting business that you are ready to take to the next level
📌 You’re not totally clear on how to transition out of your school
📌 You’ve invested thousands into your training and you want to teach others how to run a profitable school
📌 You want to create Generational Wealth 
📌 You want to make money while you sleep
📌 You know how to start, maintain, and build a successful school

....or just want to live the life that you want and deserve.

during this 5-day workshop, you will:

Confident Businesswoman
  • Receive critical insights of yourself

  • Increase your own experience and confidence

  • Sharpen your business and personal skills

  • Have a valuable support network that provides you with their honest feedback, advice, and brainstorming

  • Connect with mentors that share their experience and skills with you

  • Create an detailed action plan

  • Have the group that holds you accountable for fulfilling your plan and goals

  • Cover the Basics of Coaching

  • Develop a Strategy for Attracting Clients

  • Learn How to Position Yourself in the Market

  • Learn How to Sell Your Services

  • Create a “Six-Figure Coach Mindset”

  • And More!

Building a six-figure business takes hard work…


But in just a few short months, your business could be bringing in 100x your current salary!


The people I’ve worked with are able to generate offers that earn multiple 6 figures annually - and even monthly.


I’ve got the secrets to success…


All you need to do is join my 5-day challenge to learn them!

but that's not all...

  • Receive access to our Private Facebook Group

  • Network with like-minded individuals that can help to take your business to the next level.

  • Listen to our weekly Podcast every Tuesday.  

  • Have a Chance to be a Guest on our Podcast.


who is she behind this 5-day chalenge?

Hello! I am Shemeka Maddox, a childcare expert, successful entrepreneur and business coach - with over two decades of experience running multiple successful businesses, as well as extensive leadership training. She Finds Success serves as the #1 Childcare Millionaire Coach.  Teaching Childcare Owners/Directors how to make Millons in Childcare by becoming a Certified Childcare Coach.  My goal is to transition 1,000 Owners/Directors to Childcare Coaches in 2022. 


My drive is to equip and empower women to live the life of their dreams!
I truly want to see you live the life you dream of. I wholeheartedly believe, with the right support, you can discover what sets you apart and no longer be in competition with other business owners, fighting for those not so ideal clients. I envision you working with the team and the clients of your dreams and taking your business further than its ever been!

THIS 5-day workshop

With over 17 years in Early Education, I served on  School Boards, helped establish, revamp and design over 100 private childcare centers, home daycares and preschools.  For eight years combined  I served on the Atlanta Public School Go Team, Vice-President of the PTSA, and helped found the Athlethic Boosters club at Maynard Jackson High School.


In 2019 I was one of the first members of the ECE Business Leadership Development with Quality Care for Children.  We created budgets , completed on-site assessments, worked with top CPA's to understand real childcare numbers and budgets.  I have years of experience creating systems, Standard Operations Procedures, I've mastered programs to convert tours into enrollments and most importantly how to Hire, Train and Retain a valuable team. 


This 5- DAY workshop doesn't follow a "one-size-fits-all" approach. 


Please be advised that there is limited availability for this 5- Day Challenge. I’m expecting to hit capacity very soon. Only apply if you are serious about coaching and prepared for the intensity of this 5-Day Challenge!


If you join, you’ll work with me and discover my tried and tested strategies for developing your coaching businesses.

A Quick Look Inside the 5- Day Workshop. 

How to Create a Premium Offer

Learn how to position yourself as a premium service and entice the right types of clients. 

How to price your Offer

Assess what kind of value you can offer to your clients and how much that value is worth to them.

How to Develop the Mindset of a Six-Figure childcare Coach

Being successful starts with thinking successfully! We’ll cover how to shift to a winning mindset.

How to Find People Who Need Your Offer

The hardest part of coaching is finding clients, but with my methods, they’ll be finding you!

How to Sell Your Offer

Now that you know how to be a six-figure coach, we need to sell your offer! This is the part where you start making money!

THIS course is for you if you want to:

  • Maximize your talents

  • Turn your business into your dream job

  • Stop struggling to stand out in your industry

  • Have a business that you’re proud of and attract the kind of clients you want to work with

  • Be a leader in your industry

  • Impact other Directors in your Community

  • Build a Community of Leaders in Childcare 

  • Make Six-Figures with out clocking in 

  • Work from anywhere in the World 

  • Travel, Transformate and Take Back your Time

  • Become a Public Speaker 

  • Write your Own Book

  • Make money creating a E-Book based on your expertise. 

THIS course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re content to build a look-a-like business that never really stands out

  • You don’t want to establish yourself as a leader in your industry

  • You think talent is born, not acquired

  • You are not willing to work hard

  • Want to continue to work inside of your school

  • Like worrying about your staff not will show up for work.

  • You love waiting on substized checks

  • Love waiting on the state to tell you how to regulate your school. 

  • Are okay with potential employees don't show up for interviews

  • Love hearing your staff complain about your school.

READY to begin?

I’m SHEmeka Maddox, and I Want to Help Build Your Million Dollar Childcare Coaching Business!

With the methods and techniques that learned in the last 17 years in Early Education and Busienss, you’ll be able to build a six-figure Childcare Coaching business within months of starting this challenge.


I’ve helped to generate MILLIONS of dollars in profit in the Childcare industry.


Now I want to help YOU to build your own Childcare Coaching business!


In just five days, your life could change forever!


General Admission

Ticket Price 


General Admission: 

Start at 5:00 PM EST

 (via Facebook Live)


Ticket Price 


General Admission: 

Start at 4:15 PM EST

 (via Facebook Live)

VIP Includes:

Exclusive VIP Launch Call on Sunday, February 20th at 12 noon EST

​Exclusive Live Daily Call 45 minutes before the workshop.

Interact during the call live with Q&A

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