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The Childcare Connections 

Weekly Conversations with Childcare Leaders, Educators, Parents, Principals, and Social Proof Leaders 

Some of the Weekly Topics

The Importance of Mindset

How to Support your Staff

Leadership that Matters 

Why do Teachers really leave their jobs

The Power of Communication 

Creating Content that Converts 

Impactful Interviews


Creating a Retirement Plan

Where's the money for Childcare?

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It's your season Sis!
Yes, I'm talking to you. 

I’ve been in your shoes.


It was 2018, and I was unaware of the actual toll that life’s demands and responsibilities were having on me. I was focused on the task of being everything for everybody. I wanted to have the answers. I wanted to be whole for my family–a devoted wife and a loving mom. I knew I had goals and aspirations and that greater was waiting for me, but I lacked a system to do it in a healthy way. It wasn’t until I had a stroke, and my body literally shut down on me, that's when I realized that something needed to change, and honestly…I had trouble figuring out how to bounce back. 


Having my body force me to slow down was sobering for me. For someone that found safety in their ability to control their circumstances, I was entirely out of my comfort zone.


But through that experience, I quickly realized that sometimes the most significant lessons are learned in uncomfortable spaces and situations.


I never wanted to find myself in another situation where a lack of preparation threatened to put my family’s well-being at risk.


I wanted to create a system that was both reliable and self-sustaining. 


I don't know if you've experienced life-changing challenges in your business.  Maybe you know you want to make a change, but you aren’t feeling completely ready.


Whenever I am faced with a decision, I ask myself a few questions to ensure I’m not acting out of fear or making the wrong decision.


What’s the WORST that could happen?

What’s the BEST that could happen?


Is doing this thing aligned with my goals or the life I want to create?


Most of the time, the worst that could happen isn’t that bad.


Most of the time, the best that could happen is pretty incredible.


And if the answer is yes to the last question, well then it’s a no-brainer decision.


Book a call and let’s create those results I know you want.

Your Childcare Cousin,


Coach SHEmeka



No worries.  I'm here to Support you.

Live the Life You Want and Deserve 

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Yes, you can do it ALL - and I will show you how.

When joining the Six-Figure Childcare Coaching program, I provide you with tools to create systems that will put your business on auto-pilot to success - so you can find balance in your life and have more time to do what you love - all while creating invaluable connections in an exclusive female entrepreneur network that will equip and empower you to live your best life!

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"After over 17 years in the childcare industry,

I learned (through trial and error) how to

streamline my work, work smarter and not harder,

and how to create a system where my childcare center ran seamlessly, children and parents gained our trust,

and our teachers felt more equipped and rewarded than ever!


After experiencing what a clear and organized system

did for my school’s success, I am beyond excited

to provide these same resources and support

to childcare directors throughout the nation,

so that they can take their business to the next level!"

-Shemeka Maddox

Founder of She Finds Success

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My mission is to help Childcare Leaders just like you impact the world one Educator at a time. 

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This coaching call is designed to help you map out the path that will help you reach your goals and make life easier.

  • A full 30-minute session via screen share or phone – a truly personal conversation designed to identify the gaps in how you run your business, and give you strategies and ideas to solve your issues.

  • Identification of the best next steps for you to take, so you leave with a clear roadmap of what to take action on.

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