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“Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Achieve
Seven-Figure Success Through Confidence, Clarity, and Connection.”

Welcome to the Unapologetically Thriving Community: Where ambitious women transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. As experts in fostering growth and success, we understand the unique challenges, desires, and fears you face on your path to building a seven-figure business.

Discover a revolutionary approach to success that goes beyond traditional notions of sacrifice. At She Finds Success, we believe that you can thrive in your childcare profession without compromising your health, relationships, and overall well-being. Explore our transformative resources, proven strategies, and inspiring stories of individuals who have found their path to success while living a fulfilling life.

"Empowering Your Path to Unapologetic Success" with

SHEmeka Maddox!"

That's right, I'm talking to you. 


"Yes, I'm talking to you – the visionary, the game-changer, the trailblazer.


Welcome to Unapologetically Thriving, the groundbreaking hub where ambition and action converge.

"Introducing SHEmeka Maddox: Founder of SHE Finds Success

At the forefront of SHE Finds Success, a lifestyle business hub, stands its founder, SHEmeka Maddox – a beacon of inspiration and guidance for women poised to scale or grow their first seven-figure business.


SHEmeka's journey transcends the boundaries of entrepreneurship, embodying the essence of mentorship, clarity, and empowerment.

SHE Finds Success isn't just a platform; it's a culmination of SHEmeka's vision to create a nurturing space for women entrepreneurs. Here, aspirations are turned into tangible success stories.


With her unique 7-Figure Brand Blueprint, SHEmeka has mentored women across the globe, helping them build their legacies through a blend of clarity, confidence, and strategic acumen.

SHEmeka's approach is deeply rooted in the belief that true success is a blend of clear vision, unshakable confidence, and actionable strategies. Her expertise and insight have been pivotal in transforming the dreams of numerous women into reality, guiding them through the intricacies of building a profitable and sustainable business.

As a mentor, SHEmeka is more than just a guide; she is a partner in her mentees' entrepreneurial journeys. Her ability to impart knowledge and instill confidence has been instrumental in shaping the futures of aspiring seven-figure entrepreneurs.


SHEmeka's commitment to her work extends beyond business growth; it's about creating a legacy and empowering women to be the architects of their own success.

SHE Finds Success, under SHEmeka's leadership, is more than just a business hub.


It's a movement, a community, and a testament to the power of women in business. Join SHEmeka Maddox in this empowering journey and begin the transformation towards your seven-figure future."


No worries.  I'm here to Help!

"Our mission is to empower childcare professionals to transform their passion into profitable, impactful consulting businesses.

We are dedicated to breaking industry barriers by equipping ECE leaders with the tools and strategies needed for financial success and ethical entrepreneurship.

Together, we're building a community where early education and business acumen merge, fostering a new era of thriving, empowered childcare experts."



Hi, I’m SHEmeka — The Childcare Coach.

“The only Childcare Leader in the Industry teaching you how to Become a Six-Figure Childcare Coach”


I am the founder and CEO of She Finds Success, a seven-figure coaching and consulting firm. Every story has the power to shift mindsets, break social barriers, create generational change, and enhance your leadership potential.

My mission is to help childcare leaders and aspiring coaches become subject-matter storytellers by teaching them how to package, market, and monetize their stories.

After 18 years as a childcare owner, I leveraged my professional credentials, shared my story, and built a seven-figure online business.

It has become my mission to help people like you change the world one story at a time. 

It's time you shared yours.

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What We Do


Empower Childcare Leaders


Strategic Business Training


Nurture a Supportive Community


Provide a Blueprint for a Six-Figure Consulting Firm

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